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Mar 18, 2013 11:00pm EDT
we are faced with on a day-to-day basis. on a national level we often hear our elected officials talk about creating jobs and building better schools and stronger communities. health is connected to every single one of those. on an individual level health is fundamental to opportunity. if you are -- if you're sick and you can't access the services you need your opportunity is less than disproportionate communities of color and lgbt communities are opportunities have been stifled because of the health disparities in our communities for generations. the affordable care act helps break that and really i think our view is the biggest piece of legislation our country has seen his incredibly exciting. when we talk about prevention this is a 2014 and beyond. it's right now. 71 million people with drive insurance today have access to preventive services without cause sharing requirements and that may not seem like a big deal to people but people with private insurance that 40-dollar co-pay or 20-dollar co-pay, that's $40 for gas or groceries. it's a big deal to me. i think i went to the gynec
Mar 19, 2013 11:00pm EDT
in the midst of this fiscal crisis. we need to be different. we can't do it alone. we need the help of elected officials to give certain tea, flexibility and time to make change. if we can get the reforms to pay and compensation and if we get rid of weapons and infrastructure, we can begin to restore versatility of the joint force at an affordable and sustainable costs. as i stand here today, i don't yet know whether or if or how much her defense strategy will change, but i predict it will. we need to elected assumptions and adjusting nations to match abilities and that means doing less not less well. it also means wind and other instruments of power to help underwrite global security. of course he won't do this well if we don't that diplomacy and development with sufficient dollars. partners will have to work with us to collaborate with this on accepting greater share of the risk. some are more ready and willing to do that than others. i have to say the united arab emirates is their most credible and capable ally. our consistent first-line of defense has been and always will be our greatest s
Mar 21, 2013 11:00pm EDT
. >> the next general election will be hillary and joe will be 70 years old. and what is coming. chris christie -- [inaudible] >> age and weight in one question. >> i don't think chris christie is too heavy. he said most popular republican governor in the country right now. several republicans and of course john kasich, the governor of pennsylvania. so in terms of 2016, this is the first open election on both sides and in 2008 i expect we'll have a lurch bill of candidate that she is going to be a very phenomenal candidate. there's a lot going where she beat jeb bush and marco rubio by double digits. she thought it would be a strong candidate. joe biden is strong candidate and we have an enormous number of good governors. martin of mali, governor cuomo of colorado. so i'm excited. >> are never going to complain. >> part of barack obama's appeal was young and vibrant. [inaudible] [laughter] >> in presidential politics -- as the country moves to a next generation of readership, they rarely if ever reach back and bring in an older generation. to a certain extent that was a factor for senator mccai
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3